I Love Designing Websites

Each domain I register is a canvas on which I paint

The Augmented Age

Our age where digital devices extend ourselves

Irish Secure Internet Services

Had this domain since 2000 and I am letting it lie as a blog. It's the foundation that all my sites are built on.

Digital Literacy

Using the same them as this one with different content and slant. Digital literacy should be encouraged in all.


My personal web site

Older Citizens

Teaching you how to blog with online tutorials




This site is all about you getting your own domain. You may like to get your toes wet by setting up a free WordPress blog and I have created a couple of videos and links Read more…


Control Panel

After you have registered your domain you will need to have it hosted. I use HostGator and have been with them for 7 years or so. There are many, like GoDaddy Blacknight and others. Usually¬†where Read more…

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