cpanel emailAfter you have registered your domain you will need to have it hosted. I use HostGator and have been with them for 7 years or so. There are many, like GoDaddy Blacknight and others. Usually where you register your domain is where you will host but this isn’t always the case. Control Panel, cPanel, as it’s known, is the interface between you and your website. Once you have your domain set up with a username and password by your hosting company. I wouldn’t register a domain without a cPanel. The address of your cPanel is 

You will want to set up email accounts and cPanel is where you do that. It’s all quite straightforward. If you are setting up a few it might be an idea to write down the passwords. I’m always forgetting mine but access to cPanel means I can always reset them. You access your email by

One feature I use a lot is the File Manager. You go to public_html and you have a list of the public files on your site. Be warned you can delete important and essential files here, so be careful! You can also set up folders and upload files which can be very useful.

It is in cPanel that you install WordPress – go to Quick Install and  WordPress then fill in a short form and install. You will enter the root directory which will be You will be shown a link and a password. The first thing I do in admin is to change it to a password I prefer.

CPanel is the industry standard for administering your domain. If you want to have a practice go to:



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