This site is all about you getting your own domain. You may like to get your toes wet by setting up a free WordPress blog and I have created a couple of videos and links to help you get started. (All links open in a new tab). WordPress is a great medium both as a blog and a website. Nowadays most websites have a blog incorporated in them.

Go to, get started, choose your domain, verify email and you are done setting up. And below is how to post and create pages. It’s not difficult, WordPress is very friendly although it does depend if you are creating a blog or a website or both and the theme you are using.

Think carefully about your domain name and I have put some advice on another blog here: which is worth a quick read.

A domain is made up of two parts the name itself and a suffix. The name of this site is DesigninWebsites and the suffix is ,org: 

“Originally, the three letter extensions after the dot (or Top Level Domain / TLD) were meant to denote whether the domain name was being used for business (.com) charity/non-profit (.org) or for a technology based company (.net).
However, with the explosion of the Internet (and specifically, the world wide web) as a new business medium, the lines were blurred, and companies and individuals alike started cross-registering domains (ie.,, just to protect their interests. Now, .com, .net, and .org names (the generic Top Level Domains) can be used for any purpose.”

I am a not for profit so dot org is appropriate. It’s good to try and stick to the original ideas of a TLD. If you are a commercial entity having a dot org is somewhat off-putting. A dot com address remains the most desirable.

Other domain suffixes

And there are lots! gives a complete listing of country domains and the new top-level domains. Not all are available and some domain registrars limit the domains available for registration. I use HostGator to register my domains and they offer about 8 domain suffixes. I use .online a lot too. for example.

Country domains

If you Irish selling Irish goods/services to Irish people then it is very appropriate to have a dot ie as your domain suffix. If you have a global market maybe not so. Also, there may be restrictions; to get a dot ie you need to submit a letter proving you are worthy :).
Once you have your domain, in the next section I will show you how to set up WordPress and also emails.

Email me with any queries so far

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